Can I write for Do My Law?
Of course! We always like to have a helping hand.

Can you give me specific help on my Law Coursework?
Unfortunately in most cases we can’t give you specific answers because this would be considered plagiarism, however if you have a specific question, or are really struggling and want us to point you out on the topic of law involved in a problem – drop us an email at [email protected]

There is a topic that you have not written about that I need help on?

Let us know! Our aim is to help you, so if there is something we can cater our site to produce more information on, we’d love to give it a shot. Email [email protected]

I’ve noticed a mistake! Who do I tell?

Oh dear! We do try our best to proofread all published work, but we are only human.  If you do notice a mistake please let us know so we can urgently rectify it before an innocent bystander takes it as gospel.  (As you will appreciate from reading our negligence articles, the good Samaritan who notices a mistake on a ‘Law Help article’ and fails to take reasonable steps to have it fixed, will be held liable in a court of law).
Email any error or omission to [email protected]

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